What is in a name?

“La Femme Mange” means “A woman eat” in French. Besides being a state in which I find myself constantly in (I am a proud Singaporean after all), it is also one of the first full French sentences I’ve learnt courtesy of Miss A’s most useful Rosetta Stone language program.

The blog will likely be a diary of mostly food related events in my life while I’m transplanted here in Paris. And unlike my previous blog (www.orderinny.wordpress.com), the name is a non-region specific one, meaning I would not have to crack my head for yet another blog name when our 15 months in France are up!




6 Responses to What is in a name?

  1. Food! Merci a vous for the good recommendations and photos of the food to taste in Paris.
    I myself a Singaporean enjoy healthy food in a nice atmosphere.
    Looking forward to more of your articles! 🙂
    Bon sejour a Paris!

  2. Not at this moment…. will be coming to France soon though. Next project will be writing about life and travelling in France.. 🙂

    Hope is not going to rain much …

  3. bemiam says:

    Hi – It looks like you tried many places! Very nice recommendations indeed! Thanks for sharing. I also get a blog on Paris and food & drink. It would be nice to keep in touch. Cheers.

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