La Femme Mange a spring appropriate lunch at Delyan

Now that we’ve passed the March equinox, brought forward the clocks and basked in the warm sunshine-y days for the entire of last week, we can officially say that Spring has Arrived. In Paris. With the advent of spring we also look forward to, as my gym instructor grunted in class mid-crunch, “july, the sea and your svelte swimsuit clad self”.

A healthy tart

And so we say a reluctant goodbye to our winter comforts like bulky sweaters and rich food and embrace a lighter way of life, starting from the plate. For me, with many trips in the horizon, the state of lightness extends to my wallet. So Delyan was a real find, fulfilling a need for delicious guilt-free eating at a gentle price.

Mini gateau aux framboises

Delyan is more a tea-shop than anything else, with over 30 options for tea enthusiasts. At lunch, the dainty little shop offers several sets, priced between 7.50 to 12.50E, all including a savory main, a dessert and a cold drink which includes one of 3 freshly brewed tea. The pastries are made in house, and the goat cheese and tomato tart was satisfying but suitably light and healthful with a side of fresh salad greens. The ingot of raspberry dotted cake is simpler than most French pastries but moist and rich with almond flavor, the tart berries providing a sharp contrast to the gentle sweetness of the cake. It would be remiss to not order tea, so I washed everything down with iced rooibos, which left me in a glow of wellness.

While the afternoon away in a book-filled salon full of light

The tearoom is dedicated to the comfort of its largely female clientele, even down to the choice of chicly-shabby decor and the comfortable, mismatched armchairs. What’s more, it’s an oasis of calm in the midpoint between touristy Ile St Louis and frenzied Chatelet. It’s an inviting place to linger, which I certainly did.

Address: 8 Rue Saint-Martin, 75004 Paris


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