La Femme Boit Chocolate Chaud Chez Jean Paul Hevin

What began as a great outing this afternoon unfortunately concluded with a stolen iphone in the midst of tourist-infested Montmartre. Losing something is never pleasant, and I  necessarily accorded myself enough time to blame my own carelessness and gripe about the injustice of it all. But I must count my blessings. I had girlfriends who provided comfort and solidarity at the scene of the crime. And not only did P not reprove, he also 1) made the police report and got a replacement SIM card for me with his usual expediency, and 2) revealed that he had, in a moment of prescience, bought some phone insurance when I first got my phone. Thank God for my friends and husband!

Chocolate Chaud au Thè Matcha (and Poire-Vanille in the background)

For me, the actions of my friends and P were enough to lift my mood. But if there had been some liquid consolation in the form of a cup of designer hot chocolate from master chocolatier Jean Paul Hevin, I wouldn’t have rejected it either.

Hot chocolate to fit every taste

Just like how each person deals with misfortune in a different way, there exists also a panoply of hot chocolate choices at Jean Paul Hevin’s austere salon de thè above its Rue St Honoré shop. There is the plain Mélange JPH for purists, a very chocolate-y drink that’s soothing with a touch of astringency. For those who tend to candy-coat their problems, the Viennois come with a big dollop of sweet, freshly whipped cream. The calm and collected would enjoy the chocolat au thè matcha, quietly internalizing their feelings as they sip, not stir, the exquisitely bitter matcha that had been swirled into hot chocolate. As for the drama queen, the chocolat aux huitres sounds like just the over-the-top ticket.

If drinking hot chocolate does not stimulate enough serotonins to make one forget about the lost phone and ease the subsequent smartphone withdrawal syndromes, there is always chocolate in praline, cake, macaron and other forms to be had, all decadently rich in cacao, butter and other feel good ingredients. What better way to wallow in misery than through chocolate?

Address: 231 Rue St Honoré, 75001, Paris (Shop & Salon de Thè)


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