La Femme Mange Pot au Feu at L’Annexe Montmartre

I maintain this and previous blogs mainly to keep in touch with my family at home, blog posts being more in-depth summaries of my nutritional and general well-being compared to the cursory status updates on facebook. But once in a while, I get to make new friends through blogs and on the rarer occasions even meet them face-to-face.

Our dining companion

L’Annexe was my new friends J&P’s pick, it being a bistro they had dined at and liked previously though it had undergone a change in proprietorship and chef since their last visit. The restaurant is located about a block away from the metro station Abbess, and in keeping with Montmartre’s village-y ambience, its service was warm and its decor casual, offbeat and whimsical.

Pot au Feu

The menu listed half-dozen or so choices per category, mostly traditional dishes though with a few more modern dishes that utilized ingredients not found in the typical French pantry. On that bitingly-cold night, I pounced on the last order of pot-au-feu, a homey beef and vegetable stew. Though nothing fancy, the hot beefy soup, soft braised vegetables and chunks of beef dabbed with sinus-clearing mustard was what the doctor ordered.

Magret de canard

The other three went for a pan-seared duck breast served with golden skin, quince gelée and leek gratin. Tasty but a tad over-cooked.

Papillon au chocolat

Lacking in imagination that night, both couples decided to share the chocolate papillon, essentially a slice of dark chocolate loaf, the core moist though not quite melting, shaped like a butterfly.

To summarize, the meal was pleasant but not worth crossing town for. Luckily, the lack of culinary fireworks was more than offset by a delightful evening in the company of new friends, they who had plenty of opinions about Parisian life, France and food. And that is sometimes more important than food itself.

Address: 13 Rue Trois Frères  75018 Paris, France


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