Mon Mari mange un diner pas cher at Le Beauvoir, Bourges

I had gone for a work trip in the middle of France near the city of Bourges for 3 nights, but I had been told that the city itself was worth a visit for its world renowned cathedral. And it was true, it was one of only two attractions open to visitors on Sunday, and a serious study of its famous stained glass paintings took me more than half an hour in the icy cold interior. After the cathedral visit, I did not expect to find myself back in Bourges, and in a “restaurant gastronomique” with my classmates for dinner to boot. Le Beauvoir turned out to be a real deal for three reasons.

The market menu

First, it is open on Monday evening. That’s huge for a small town like Bourges. Second, it comes highly recommended by my classmate who stays nearby – when he had entertained American visitors in the past, his boss had asked that he bring them there for dinner. Third, the price for the formule au grés du marché (i.e. market driven menu) is unheard of in Paris – a mere 14€ for a full 3 course meal.

Flamiche aux poireaux et aux lardons

The first course was a quiche with egg, leeks, ham and salad greens. Nothing spectacular but a warm dish nice for the cold snowy weather.

Chicken fricassée

The main was fried chicken pieces with pasta in a vinegar-based sauce. The pasta was really nice and chewy, and the chicken juicy. Again it was a simple dish, but it went well with the Sancerre that we ordered (Sancerre being the wine of the region).

Diplomate au calvados et aux pommes

The dessert was a diplomate, otherwise known as a clafoutis or a fruit based pudding. The taste of apple bits were subtle compared to the strong flavors from the calvados, and the texture was nice and firm.

Overall, what we ate was pretty simple fare, but for 14€ one can’t ask for much. For those on larger budgets, there were several other menus from 29E-41E that included a cheese course, as well as pricier a la carte options available.

Address: 1 avenue Marx Dormoy 18000 Bourges, France


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