La Femme Boit Chocolat Chaud at Un Dimanche à Paris

My favorite cousins were in town for the weekend, and it was an absolute blast to see the girls, catch up on the gossip back home and shop for secret santa (a good old family tradition dating back to last year) gifts together. We must have walked at least 8 kilometres on Saturday traversing the Seine, battling the crowds at both Galaries Lafayette and Printemps, checking out boutiques at St Germain, cooing over jewelry and pastry displays alike. With all that exercise, combined with a 4:30 am morning call for them to catch their Eurostar into Paris, there was no wonder we were all exhausted by the time we arrived at Un Dimanche à Paris for a late afternoon snack.

A pot of hot chocolate

Un Dimanche à Paris is a chocolate concept store, or in 21st century consultant speak, a “holistic” haven for chocolate lovers who can satisfy their cacao cravings in a variety of manners, sweet or savory, solid or molten, in various settings: the pastry shop, the restaurant or the bar. This afternoon, we were ushered upstairs to the bar as the salon on the first floor was already full. This turned out just as well, as the bar was spacious and quiet, beautifully decked out in muted greys, and boasted plush, oversized couches that we promptly sank into with no intention to vacate.

Molten gold

For us, the 5 pm rainy day drink of choice was undoubtedly the hot chocolate. Arriving in a stylish, slim pot, the hot chocolate was rich, sweet, creamy, not too dense and extremely drinkable. The flavor is not as distinctive as Angelina’s which has a slight bitter tinge to it, but I think I prefer un dimanche à Paris’ as it was not as thick nor as saccharine.

The gourmand set

The afternoon tea set allows one to pick a full-sized pastry or 4 petit fours to go with the drink, be it coffee, tea or chocolate, of which we ordered the latter. There was literally a little bit of everything on the thin slate, a classic moelleux au chocolate, a lemon tart with a meringue cap, one pristine caramel macaron and a little choux pastry filled with hazelnut cream. Everything tasted amazing in terms of texture and flavors, though the hazelnut choux really wowed us with the clean, roasted scent of nuts thoroughly infused into the light-as-air cream.

For the cocktail set, the mixologist (underutilized that afternoon with all the chocolate orders) can make up some yummy drinks with or without chocolate. And for you for like your spirits straight up, they even offer a chocolate and liquor pairing. I can’t tell you the provenance or the age of my shot of malt was, but I can tell you it definitely tasted good with the squares of subtly scented orange chocolate that came with it!

*for once I have decent photos, thanks to cousin bean!

Un Dimanche à Paris

4-6-8 Cour du Commerce Saint André, 75006, Paris

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2 Responses to La Femme Boit Chocolat Chaud at Un Dimanche à Paris

  1. ry says:

    And I was wondering how your photography skills improved so tremendously! :p I want some hot chocolate too!!!!

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