La Femme Mange Galettes at 142 Creperie Contemporaine

Parents, agonizing about not being able to enjoy a good restaurant meal in its entirety without having to succumb to your children’s bad behavior, or refusal to eat what they do not recognize? From what we witnessed at 142 Creperie Contemporaine, it seems the answer is to get thee and offspring to your nearest creperie.

Last Saturday afternoon, we ventured further into the 15th arrondissement to 142 Creperie Contemporaine for lunch. For a restaurant tucked on an unassuming square and not exceptionally close to the metro, it was surprisingly full, packed with locals. Around us, almost every table was made up of extended families, granny and baby in tow. Yet amidst the lively cacophony of ordering, chattering, clearing of tables etc, we did not hear a single shriek of petulance, nor the scuttling of impatient little feet. In fact, the children were all too busy tucking away their simple galettes and crepes, or licking their bowls of ice-cream clean to make a peep.

The Ignace

After trying our own order, we understood why. The galettes, stuffed either with the basic fillings (my no-fail ham, cheese and egg trifecta) or more creative options (P’s Italian inspired Ignace with Serrano ham, mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes) were spotted brown, almost black, the darker than usual flour imparting a nuttier and sweeter taste than usual galettes.

The Complet

Though not crispy enough, we were very impressed with the taste and the generosity of the fillings, to the extent my husband had to implore me, as much as I was unwilling, to share dessert.

Banana & Chocolate crepe

The dessert crepes were similarly nice and thin, slathered with just enough butter to provide a salty contrast to the natural sweetness of sliced bananas and the molten dark chocolate sauce. For the less disciplined, more hedonistic concoctions, topped with chantilly cream and/or doused with burning liquor, beckon.

With fair prices, between E5-10 for the galettes and slightly less for the crepes, and warm and efficient service that welcomes children, it is no wonder families flock there for crepes. And while we do not yet have any mini-mes, we are filing the crepe as kid-taming tool away for future use!

142 Creperie Contemporaine (142 for the number of departments in Brittany, the Contemporaine because yes, the restaurant is admittedly more modern looking than most other creperies)

59 Rue St Charles, 75015, Paris

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