La Femme Mange an early dinner at Chez Papa

However much disdain I have for chain restaurants, they do serve several functions. They are typically well located near touristic spots, usually affordable, can accommodate large groups without much fuss and waiting, and serve continuously throughout the day, a very important point when you are rushed for time or simply can’t wait for traditional opening hours. It was the last reason that brought us to Chez Papa at an uncivilized dinner hour of 6:30 pm,  given we had an appointment in the neighborhood one hour later.

Inside Chez Papa

Chez Papa is a small chain with 9 restaurants in Paris that specializes in Southwestern French cuisine. Inside the 2nd eme store, the restaurant gives off an unmistakable aura of a chain restaurant, complete with beer posters and ceiling pennants, and paper mats with the made up story of Chez Papa’s history on 1 side and a service questionnaire on the other side.  A southwest style TGIF of sorts. Luckily, for all the TGIF-like trappings, the food is actually quite authentic and tasty.

Salade Boyarde complete

A big salad Boyarde was only a salad in name, the few pieces of greens inconsequential compared to the substantial amount of potatoes, cheese, eggs and ham.  While the potatoes were not crisp enough, they remained a good vehicle for the dressing, garlicky to the extreme. Just like the salad at Chez Gladines, this was impossible to finish.

duck, duck, duck confit

My husband the duck confit enthusiast, declared Chez Papa’s duck confit to be satisfactory, moist and quite flavorful though a smidge too salty. The portion was again not puny to my meat-loving husband’s delight.

The prices at Chez Papa are reasonable but not super-cheap, with most plats ranging in the mid-high teens. The salad though is an excellent deal at under 10 Euros if one is strapped for cash, as are the lunch deals.

Chez Papa

Multiple locations (we went to 153 Rue Montmartre, 75002, Paris) 

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