La Femme Mange desserts at La Patisserie des Reves

Ex-roomie is a sweet fiend who happily substituted buttered pastries and caramels for real meals on her trip to Paris. On her last day in town, we visited La Patisserie des Reves, a place I’d been dying to visit.

The boutique looks quite fantastical in the Jetsons style, with thin spirals of neon pink breaking up the monotony of the otherwise bright white room.  Dispensing with traditional counters, the cakes and pastries are displayed inside inverted bell jars along the walls and on the large island that dominates the petite space. Each bell jar is a mini fridge, so that each sweet can be showcased in its optimally cooled space. While the flavors of the pastries can be considered conventional, sticking to the fruit and chocolate varieties, some of them are visual spectacles: the éclairs tucked in a thin tube of chocolate, the deconstructed St Honore, the Paris Brest that resembles a baby’s teething ring. Ex-roomie and I decided to rest our legs at the salon de the and take tea there. In keeping with the boutique’s décor, the small salon is also painted in white with some cheery pink accents, perfect for girlfriends, less ideal for a romantic date.

Grand cru

Our chocolate pick was the Grand Cru, suggesting great things to come since the classification grand cru is most often used for wines of the best quality. The cake itself is an austere brown square, the piece of gold-flecked chocolate on top its only accoutrement. Cutting into the cake, we find out this work of art is made up of 5 distinct layers: the lacquer of almost melting chocolate, the soft mousse, the smooth ganache and the base pieces of cake and biscuit. The taste is that of adulterated chocolate, while the interplay of light and rich textures prevent us from getting a cocoa overdose.

Tarte au citron

Our fruit pick was the tarte au citron, a patisserie standard. The pastry base was buttery and the custard, made from lemons from the Pyrenees, was pleasingly acidic complete with zest. The application of a baked meringue here, a light cap of sugary foam, is also much more successful than the OTT tart at Le Loire dans Les Theires.

Reves means dreams in French. With that namesake, it is natural for the food lover to visit to La Patisserie des Reves and hold certain expectations to be transported into candied dreams. We were not disappointed.

Patisserie des Reves

2 locations: 93 Rue du Bac,  75007 Paris (Boutique); 111 Rue Longchamp, Paris (Boutique, Salon de the)

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