La Femme Mange matcha croissants at Sadaharu Aoki

Croissants and baguettes. The best thing about living in Paris is the easy access to good bread and viennoiseries for my favorite meal of the day, breakfast. And the viennoiseries, what variations they have! A crescent moon of a croissant, the irregular oblong of a pain au chocolate, the swirled raisin escargot, stuffed with praline, coated in almond flakes, piped with cream and fruit compote, the forms are endless.

A croissant and 2 accompanying macarons

My favorite neighborhood croissant happens to be a non-traditional one, the green tea flavored croissant at Sadaharu Aoki, whose bakery just happens to be 2 blocks away. Often, I visit the shop on my way to school, picking up a croissant as a lunch replacement. The rewards for visiting a bakery just as it’s opening is immense, as the croissants are always still warm, the exterior and the butter in the interior still shiny. Tearing the croissant apart, the crispy crust shatters and you’ll see the defined folds of the dough tinged a light, dull green, the color of quality matcha powder. Now broken open, the perfume of tea and salted butter wafts out. Biting in, the croissant is alternately sweet but also with an unmistakable bitterness.  The bittersweet taste almost poetic, and definitely irresistible.

I usually buy my croissant to go, but stopped for some tea when my sister was in town. While I’m not too enamored by the cakes, for which I’ve yet to find one not too sweet for my tastes, I fell in love with a second pastry, Sadaharu Aoki’s umeboshi macarons. The sweet, sour, salty combination is one I just cannot say no to. There are other traditional and Asian influenced flavors that I’ll be trying in time, and I hope they are just as revelatory!

Sadaharu Aoki

Multiple locations in Paris, mine’s at 25 Rue Perignon, 75015, Paris

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2 Responses to La Femme Mange matcha croissants at Sadaharu Aoki

  1. blur ting says:

    Oh, I remember buying pastries from their shop at Port Royale before, with your uncle!

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