La Femme Mange a budget feast at A la Biche au Bois

Looking to have a traditional French dinner that’s heavy on portions and taste yet light on the wallet?

The exterior

a La Biche au Bois should definitely be on your list,  where you can enjoy a 4 course dinner for a bargain price of Euro 27. And we are not talking zero choice and puny portions here. Each of the entree, plat and dessert courses comes with at least 3-4 choices and the cheese board was laden with so much cheese there was hardly any empty space on the tray.

A massive plate of fries

Consider too, the massive platter of fries our friend D & I shared, golden brown and crispy, waiting to be dragged through spicy mustard or grilled meat juices and popped into the mouth.

An inky stew of coq au vin

Amongst the unapologetically rustic mains, The husband’s coq au vin stood out. Arriving on the table in a well used casserole, the chicken flesh from a tough old bird was deeply flavored with the rich, inky wine stew that begged to be sopped up by the potatoes in the pot, absorbed by slices of cut baguette or simply spooned straight into the mouth.

creme brulee

Desserts were of the garden variety, though again generous in portions and satisfying in a familiar way. I was too stuffed after my steak and half platter of fries to eat anything substantial, so a café liegeois was all I had while P enjoyed his standard dessert, a house made creme brulee.

Contrary to some reports calling a La Biche au Bois a hidden gem, the restaurant was jammed with Anglophones and guidebook toters. But with good food, a fun, noisy ambiance and rapport qualité prix (value for money!), even if it was a veritable find,  it would never be under wraps for long.

A La Biche Au Bois

45 Avenue Ledru-Rollin 75012 Paris

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